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who is e-man?

"e-man's groove walks the line between professional precision and child-like curiosity.  He manages to play both aggressive yet cautious at the same time, while retaining a character that is as fun to hang out with as it is to music noise with.  He's a complete animal, and that's a great thing."

Doug Showalter(Van Hunt,Camaron)

“e-man is one of the few musicians that is organized and always shows up on time and well prepared.  No matter the gig or vibe is e-man is always a perfect fit.”

Bryan Murphy(musical director IHC)

"e-man is one of the best all around drummers I know! His musicality, insight and creativity all combine to create a drumming force that is inspiring for anyone who is lucky enough to hear it."

Bryan Taylor(Drummer,Tyrone Wells,Walking Dead)

“e-man is always willing to

explore every possible idea,whether it works or not. e-man’s ability to be

a vessel for creativity as well as taking direction is a quality that

not all musicians have.”

Tyler Johnson-Producer

(Taylor Swift)